My name is Ross Enger. I am an inspiration-driven designer.

Whether it comes from patterns, nature, or music, I thrive on absorbing the abundant creative influences that surround me. Namely, I am fascinated with geometry and how it can be used to create stylized, powerful graphics. I employ an arsenal of shape, color, and typography fused with my inspiration to solve problems and make an impact in the world.

Here is some of my latest work

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Package Design

Creating a unique, powerful packaging solution that will meet the needs of the client and stand apart from competitors.

Branding and Identity

Learning from the client to represent them in a way that people will remember.

Publication Design

Find ways to present information in an efficient yet aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Print Production

Generating eye-catching content and presented professionally.

3D Printing

Utilizing forward-thinking technology to bring a new perspective to solving design problems.


Finding new ways to communicate and treating letterforms as visually pleasing as graphics.

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